Our Step by Step Approach

Willow Data Strategy will help you no matter where you are in the data game








“All of the above” is not a good way to start a complex project, as that would be like asking for a large truck that is as fast as a sports car. We help you finding the most cost effective way to achieve your long and short term marketing goals with minimal waste.​


In the age of “Big Data”, one should be able to throw noise out with conviction, as all data is not created equal, and not all data are necessary to meet your goals.  We have deep knowledge in many industry verticals and we know what data would matter more for your business.


Simply put, “garbage in, garbage out”. Dealing with unstructured and uncategorized data is one of the most important steps towards analytics driven decision making. Best of the both worlds approach is the key, where old school discipline with the latest technologies meet. 


No advanced statistical techniques will provide a right answers to a wrong question. We help you translate marketing questions into mathematical expressions. The result is that you do not need to be a math genius to improve your day-to-day marketing activities based on real data.


Most analytical projects fail before any statistical work begins, or during the deployment of models. It is one thing to develop a statistical model in a controlled environment with a few thousand samples, and it is quite another to apply that knowledge to 100 million people. We understand the entire process thoroughly.


Rubber meets the road when customers get to see your marketing messages. In the multi-channel environment, every screen that a person looks at matters, and we bring a customer centric mentality while understanding the nuances of different marketing channels. And it all starts with the data.


1-to-1 Marketing is an endless loop, and past knowledge must be applied to future communications. Too often, this important step is overlooked, turning marketers into creatures of habits. In the future, all channels will be 1-to-1 channels, and we all must close the loop properly.


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