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Building the Data
Road Map​


Making Sense of Data


Narrowing the Gap between Marketing & Technology



As the size and variety of the data increase – hence the “Age of Big Data”, – data and analytics projects became even more complicated and costly than before, while the demand to incorporate data into day-to-day decision making process is higher than ever.


And a database is not just a sum of all the data sources to which you have access, no matter how big or small they might be.


That is why marketers must set a clear goal and build a road map before investing valuable time and resources in data related projects


Willow Data Strategy enables marketers to derive meaning out of a sea of data, effectively bridging the marketing and technology worlds with years of battle won experience and a result-oriented mindset.


We guide our clients through the jungle of data and inevitable technical challenges, and our goal is to maximize the value of clients’ data assets to increase their profit.


We are not just data geeks who get easily dazzled by fancy new tools, but business people with deep knowledge and expertise in database marketing and analytics.

The Database business is all about the details, and we have a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and complete tactical execution, from data collection to advanced analytics-driven targeting.  
We do not just talk the talk, and we believe that there is no small job in the data business.  On top of all that, we will always speak in plain English to explain complex concepts.



Willow Data Strategy is a new kind of database marketing and analytics consulting company that narrows the gap between the marketing world and the technology world, as we speak both languages fluently.


We act like a movie director who creates a vision with producers and takes charge of the entire production while not losing sight of the big picture. 


Always keeping an eye on the ball, we take pride in being thorough and getting it right the first time.


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