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Stephen Yu - Headshot 2021-09-25 (1).jpg

Stephen H. Yu

President & Chief Consultant

Stephen H. Yu is a world-class database marketer with a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and complete tactical execution....

....from data collection and database design to model-based targeting and delivery, effectively bridging the gap between the marketing and technology world with a balanced view obtained from over 30 years of experience in best practices of database marketing.

Currently he is President & Chief Consultant at Willow Data Strategy. Previously, he served as Practice Head, Advanced Analytics & Insights for eClerx, and as Vice President, Data Strategy & Analytics at Infogroup, leading the analytical services and product development teams for both. 


He was also a co-founder, visionary and the principal technology architect of I-Behavior, a premiere co-op database company that was the first to fully incorporate SKU-level data into the targeting process, forever raising the price of entry for the entire list industry. 

Stephen's extensive database and consulting assignments have included leading financial institutions, service providers, telecommunication and utility companies, publishers, multi-channel retailers and non-profit organizations, for both B-to-C and B-to-B applications.

He actively speaks at prominent database marketing conferences and frequently contributes articles in industry publications on the subjects of target marketing, big data analytics, database design and best practices in database marketing.  

Click here to view Stephen's LinkedIn profile.


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